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Feel good

#Juices made from the seasons are the best way to #supportourbody. Our bodies need for #vitaminsandminerals change with changing seasons.

Now that I have started my site in winter, I tell you about winter fruits and how to boost your immune system by drinking a cup of freshly made juice everyday.

The vitamins and minerals we need the most during winter to boost our energy and keep our skin healthy are:

Citrus fruits are the best choice during winter, #grapefruits, #oranges, #lemons, #mandarins, also #kiwifruit and #apples. I would recommend to add at least one vegetable in your juice. The best choices of vegetables in winter are #carrots, #beet, #celery, #kale and #tomatoes.

A hint of #ginger or #parsley give a sharp note to the whole blend. I personally prefer ginger in winter time.

The ideal juice in my idea is a blend of not more than 3 fruits. Then you can add a vegetable to the fruit juice and a couple of slices of ginger.

Smoothies are good choice when you are on detox diet. Oat, nuts and seeds can be used in smoothies to add vitamin E, omega family and Iron to the whole blend.

Check out my favorite juices and smoothies and ask your questions or leave a comment.

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