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Cheese platter for white wine for two (valentine’s edition)

#cheeseplatter for #whitewine for two🥂

I picked #Chardonnay which is a full bodied white wine.

To make a cheese platter for this wine, I recommend #bluecheese. Blue cheese has the aroma and fatty ness that goes well with white wine especially with Chardonnay.

Since it is a platter for two I just keep it simple.

So here is what goes on your #cheeseboard

Blue cheese 🧀

Crackers with #sesame or sea salt and pepper👌🏻

Dried fruits like #fig, berries and #parsimon

The cheese platter for two🥂

  • Must be brief, one or two choices of cheese

  • white wines usually go well with salty snacks so feel free to get crackers with sea salt or sesame to bring an extra taste

  • dried fruits are good with white wines because they keep the blood pressure at right level

  • Keep water bottles cool and handy

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