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Overnight chia and oat

#Breakfast in a bowl 🤩☕️😋

It has become my habit these days to program my coffee machine at 7:00 and make #chia&quickoat in plant milk overnight.

I wake up to the #coffee aroma ☕️and my breakfast is half ready. 🤺🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

This is how To make breakfast in a bowl.

In a bowl add a tsp of #peanut or #almond #butter and a tsp of #organic #honey 🍯. Cover it with the overnight chia and quick oat in plant milk. Top it with the #rhubarb crisp from last recipe and #fruit pieces, add some nuts and dried fruits to add to the crunchiness.

From the corner of bowl add more plant milk to get your desired thickness.

  • From the night before add 4 Tbsp chia seeds and 4 Tbsp quick oat in a mason jar fill it with oat or almond milk. Put the lid on and keep it refrigerated. You can use it either an hour after making it or the next morning. Stir well before spooning.




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